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BirdForum.net is a great place to meet and talk to other birders and bird photgraphers.

Watton and District Photographic Society - a newly formed photograhic society for photographers of every level to learn and share information and skills.

Cley spy is a great place to go to try out and buy optics - they carry a huge range of binoculars, telecopes and tripods - there are often good secondhand deals.

Schiffronis Bird Tours
Specializing in professionally guided birding tours throughout the world. Our tours currently focus on the Neotropics, Nearctic, Afrotropics, Australian, Oriental and Western Palearctic regions.

Dean Birders
This project was the result of two keen birdwatchers getting together and wanting to share their hobby with those that have difficulty getting out and about. This site is full of birding information, photos, stats and useful links, of interest to all birders, disabled or otherwise - www.deanbirders.co.uk

Here are links to some other photographers websites that are well worth a visit.

www.garthpeacock.co.uk - Bird and Wildlife photographs