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About me

I've been a birder all of my life and in recent years have started to photograph the birds I see. I started out digiscoping with a cheap 1mp camera, and have had a number of scopes and digital cameras since.

My current kit is a Canon EOS 50D with a Canon 500 f4 IS, on top of Gitzo 1349 legs and a Jobo Black Widow gimbal head. I also use a Canon 100-400 f5.6 lens for handheld and flight shots and a Sigma 105 f2.8 for macro work. I still do some digiscoping and currently use Sony DCS-S90 and Nikon P5100 cameras with a Leica APO 77 scope.

This website currently has photos that I have taken on nine different cameras of varying quality. I hope over the next year to build up decent collection of bird photos. I'm aiming to increase the number of species represented and also improve the quality of the images.

Any feedback on the website or photos on it would be great - email me at peter@blueskybirds.co.uk